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"Algoritmi-dixit" by Dario Basso continues at Gallery until 27 April 2009
Saturday, March 28, 2009 (3159 reads)

The exhibition "Algoritmi-dixit" by the Spanish artist Dario Basso was opened on the 11th of March 2009, Which presents artworks by the artist painted on canvasses used for khaimas (tents).

Algoritmi Dixit is an artistic experiment born from the same ideas that make art both a universal language and the embodiment of peace, understanding and creativity.
His work drinks from the adventures experienced in his trips through the East, which fill his paintings with symbols, geometrical figures, and patches of color and matter, always remaining close to Cosmology universal laws.

It was his trip to Cairo in 2001 that inspired the very support of the Algoritmi dixit setting, the canvasses used for khaimas. No matter where he goes, Darío lets himself be absorbed by the characteristics of the place, creating a work that aims to become a symbiosis between Nature and the civilization’s fate and introduces us in a world where icons, organized according to magic and mathematic formulas, manage to cohabit arising feelings and thoughts in those who contemplate it.

The exhibition will run through 27th of April

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