“Arab Sculpture Symposium” 2002

01 Jun 2002 - 01 Aug 2002

In summer. Artists from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Algeria, Iraq and Egypt participated in the Symposium. The works were carried out in the National Gallery’s Park in Jabal Al-Weibdeh.


Amman, The Arab Cultural Capital 2002 hosted the Arab Sculpture Symposium in cooperation with the Royal Society of Fine Arts. A group of celebrated Arab sculptors took part in this symposium.

This meeting inspired an interactive dialogue where the sculptors exchanged knowledge and experience. Art students were invited to assist the sculptors therefore gaining a hands-on training experience with professional sculptors.

Since the workshop took place in a local park in Jabal Weibdeh , this gave the public the chance to be a part of the creative endeavor.

The sculptures will be placed in different areas of Amman. The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts hopes to make this sculpture symposium an annual event as Amman may host the continuing creative dialogue between artists.


Participating Artists:

1 – Ahmad Kanaan (b. 1965), Palestine.

2 – Hassan Khater (b. 1954), Syria, The Occupied Galilee.

3 – Rabii Akhras (b. 1951), Syria.

4 – Rachid Koraichi (b.1947), Algeria.

5 – Abdul Aziz Abu Ghazaleh (b.1967), Jordan.

6 – Kuram Nimri (b. 1944), Jordan.

7 – Mohammad Shammary (b.1962), Iraq.

8 – Mansour Mansi (b. 1956), Egypt.

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“Arab Sculpture Symposium” 2002

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