“A Chair Tale”

06 Oct 2017 - 10 Oct 2017
5:30 PM

“A Chair Tale” exhibition curated by Loubna Bdeir, part of Amman Design Week 2017

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The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts will host an exhibition entitled “A Chair Tale” as part of Amman Design Week, in cooperation and coordination with Mrs. Loubna Bdeir.

‘A Chair Tale’ exhibition uses a common household item – the chair – as a lens from which to tell a story about identity and material culture. The exhibition features myriad chairs of diverse upholstery, shapes and styles, each with their own story to tell. Every home has a distinguished chair, the one reserved for the head of the clan, like a father or grandfather chair. Those chairs become associated with valuable memories and unique tales that are passed from generation to generation. In this exhibition, the chairs represent these shared experiences and stories. Opening 9 October, 5:30 pm

About Loubna Bdeir

Loubna Bdeir was born and raised in Amman, and has a computer science degree from Yarmouk University with dreams of making a difference. Loubna then joined the non-profit organization Injaz, helping others reach their professional goals. She then became editor-in-chief at an Arabic lifestyle magazine Anty, and she is the one behind developing the concept behind ‘A Chair Tale’ exhibition, which is a one of a kind display

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