“Art Week Amman”

05 Jul 2013 - 15 Jul 2013

Art Week Amman is a unique initiative that seeks to bring together the many art outlets of Jordan in a single, multi-faceted event. It is organized by ArtMedium, and will feature the participation of countless arts organizations and institutions, galleries, contemporary artists, academics, collectors and high profile personalities. The event will serve as a distinctive conduit between the region’s ever-growing art scene and the public, with the vision of bringing art back to the people.

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With a program set to unite the Kingdom’s leading art outlets, practicing artists, and enthusiasts within a unique multi-faceted event, Art Week Amman (AWA) will be launched in its first edition this year between September 5th and September 15th.

(AWA) will deliver a unique program of activities geared toward showcasing the many faces of the region’s vibrant art scenes, in addition to creating a well-rounded platform for probing the challenges and opportunities facing the region’s art market.

Organized by Jordanian Arts and Entertainment Management Company ArtMedium, AWA will encompass 10 days of activities spanning all aspects of the arts and involving all members of the community.

Its schedule, which invites art to take center stage, begins on September 6th 2013, with a VIP launch event hosted at the National Gallery of Fine Arts.

Boasting a guest list of executives, well established and progressive artists, art collectors, diplomats, and representatives of the media, the event is anticipated to be a grand commencement for an expressive week to follow by all stakeholders of the art scene in Jordan and the region.

The evening will then be trailed by a two-day forum titled “Connect Art”, featuring an agenda packed with interactive presentations, workshops, and discussion panels. Set to be the hub were new perceptions are born, the forum will shed light on the evolution of the regional art scene, artistic freedom of expression, and the social structure surrounding practicing artists, amongst other pressing topics.

Also worth looking out for, is the AWA Contemporary Art Exhibition which is scheduled to be held between September 6th and September 15th at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. This unique exhibition will showcase contemporary art pieces created by Jordanian and Middle Eastern artists.

AWA is also lending a space for Design to flourish, through a show titled “Design Now”. The show will feature a series of presentations, showcasing the latest design trends adopted in the field, curated by Nabad Art Gallery.

From another angle, art galleries across Amman will also be bustling with activity, showcasing special openings and art shows throughout the AWA event. Galleries to look out for include; the Zara Gallery, Dar Al Anda, The Orient Gallery, The Studio, Nabad Art Gallery, Jacaranda Images, Foresight Art Gallery and Orfali Gallery. ‘Park it Here’ will be the destination at the National Gallery of Fine Arts’ park adding its colorful splash to the Art Week Amman evenings, hosting daily performances by musicians, dancers, and expressionists.

Combining fun with learning, AWA’s program will also invite students to enjoy tours, film screenings, and cross cultural artistic exchanges all set to be held in collaboration with foreign cultural centers.

With its agenda boasting a “something for everybody” approach, the event is echoing a mission to place Jordan’s art scene on the international map of aesthetics.

Commenting further on the launch, Founder and General Manager of ArtMedium, Sarah Abu Alia says, “We anticipate Art Week Amman to be a great opportunity to showcase all of Amman’s art outlets and initiatives, and boost the city’s presence within international cultural arenas. An event of this magnitude will surely provide year-round inspiration for artists across the region. With this understanding, we are very proud to play a role in re-shaping the dynamic culture of Amman, and in creating an avenue for artists and creative individuals to freely express themselves.”

Abu Alia also pointed out that the region has a relatively young population, with the youth segment making up the larger demographic of Jordan in particular. She also affirmed that the youth of Jordan has been demonstrating exceptional levels of talent, and it is this talent that needs to be placed in the spotlight for other nations to take notice and to learn from.

“We live in an age where news travels fast, and with the help of smartphones and social media, the population is well aware of world artistic trends. With this awareness comes a need to place local talents in the international spotlight, and such an end can only be achieved by creating avenues for idea exchange. Therefore, we, at ArtMedium, feel that this event is ideal for spearheading this healthy exchange forward and consequently pushing Jordan’s cultural development towards new heights of prosperity,” she added.

ArtMedium is a forward thinking arts and entertainment production and management company that works on bringing all kinds of art to people, whether it be visual art, music, or theater. It is worth noting that ArtMedium had previously held a series of successful art events including: Souq Fann and the Amman Street Art Fair. These events were all attended by thousands of local art enthusiasts, and this success has inspired the Company to now venture into the regional art scene as well.


– Art week Amman Full Schedule:



– The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts will host many exhibitions:


Building (1):

Ground floor – “Nebulous: imagination, dreams & identity search

Second floor – “Graph’Art

  • Both exhibitions will showcase contemporary art works from the Permanent Collection of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, and are curated by Victoria Gandit Lelandais

Event Link:


First floor – “Paper play” by Elmer Dumlao; this exhibition will showcase unique artworks focusing on the important and essential role of paper in our lives.

Event Link:


Building (2):

First floor – “Design Now“; the show will feature a series of presentations, showcasing the latest design trends adopted in the field, curated by Nabad Art Gallery.

Second floor – “Video art”; part of the Third Line Gallery Collection, Dubai.

Third floorinstallation with design graffiti art using architectural and graphic design techniques by Wissam Shadid and his fellow artists

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