Blues O’ Bantaloon” &”Drum Jam” Concert

08 Jun 2019 - 08 May 2019
8:30 - 11:30 PM

A concert for Blues O Bantaloon and Drum Jam band.


Blues O Bantaloon is a band of four musicians with completely different musical backgrounds gathered to create new sounds.

Genre Arabic fusion music; blues, rock, funk, jazz, and reggae.

Band Members
Ala’a Khoury: Vocals & Rhythm guitar.
Bashar Khries: Drums & Percussions Backing Vocal. Ibrahim Khries: Bass guitar.

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Drum Jam is a successful team building standing\ sitting in a drumming circle that includes harmony, euphoria, percussion, and rhythm to the chaos of every day’s life that was formed in 2010.
It includes from five to fifteen percussionists, but number is not a limit, Drum jam can perform with many percussionists as the occasion needs.
Regardless of age, background, gender, race, and ability, everyone has fun and gather to see drum jam’s drumming circles.
It usually attracts many people around especially if it was in street where people can interact with the band.
It brings the energy of life drumming in each show the band performs.
The benefits of drumming have been recognized since ancient times, it is an extraordinary tool that can motivate energies and gather people around the drumming circles.
It depends on the show, but drum jam can also work with other art types like dancers in general, and fire shows

Band Members:
Bashar Khries, Shadi Khries, Hamzeh Kalemat, Rawhi Ibrahim, Jena Haddadin, Mutaz Shapsough, Ramzi, Majeed Ghanma

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