“Dreamings” Film Screening

17 Jul 2019 - 17 Jul 2019
7:00 pm

A film about the Art of Aboriginal Australia


We are delighted to invite you next Wednesday on a film screening and discussion about Australian Aboriginal arts where Barbara Rowell, founder and managing partner of Jacaranda Images, will talk to us about this kind of art and take us after watching the film on a tour and discussion through the ongoing exhibition “A Sense of Place” at The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts – in collaboration with the Australian Embassy and Jacaranda Images.

The art of Aboriginal Australia is celebrated in this screening: “Dreamings” as we journey into the sacred heartland of Australia to see traditional artists at work. The artists talk of their work, its association with the land and its spiritual connection with their people, the animals and plants. The film explores the meanings behind the works, from acrylic dot paintings of the Central Desert to cross-hatched bark paintings and burial poles of northern Australia, as it allows the viewer access to the oldest continuous art tradition in the world. A Film Australia production, the film is 30 mins long and will be played in English.

Join us at 7 PM, Saturday 17/7/2019 at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts – Building #2.

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