IN/OUT Festival – Alaeddin Rahmeh & Ziad Hajir

30 Oct 2019 - 30 Oct 2019
9:00 pm

Country: Jordan

Title: “One Way to Survive a Voyage”

Type: Dance Performance

Location: Jordan National Gallery Park

Date: 30 October 2019

Live Music by: Danة Kaoukji



Alaeddin is a Palestinian Jordanian artist specialized in Hip-Hop and performing arts.  He started his journey in 2005 in the streets of Amman. Later on, Ala found himself performing in contemporary and theatrical dances. Today Ala is a performing arts activist, choreographer, and founder of Underground Amman, where he creates spaces for new and non-traditional expressions of art.

Ziad started his career as a martial artist at the age of 5 years old, Specialized in revered ancient forms of martial arts from Chine, Japan & Southeast Asia, but he was destined to take a different path after he fell in love with dancing. He was intensively trained in Classical Ballet, Ballroom dancing, Flamenco and Contemporary dance (Jazz & Lyrical) for the first 5 years of his dance career. Ziad is a well-known dance performer & choreographer, specialized in Tango & Tango Theatrical. He holds a couple of diplomas in dance teaching & studio management, dance teaching & learning methods from Arthur Murray International & Trinity College London. He’s a member of CID (International Dance Council) founded in 1973 within UNESCO. Ziad holds his passion for dancing seriously advocating and promoting tango dance in the Middle East and world wild, with great dedication. In 2015 he founded Tangostan Art Organization (TAO) & he is establishing a Tango community by the name of Beit Al Tango.


Work Statement:


One way to survive a voyage is consciously tapping into the unconscious to conduct a mystical and sacred conversation. This conversation takes place in a different realm of the universal mind, between the self and the soul meeting up an elder and wiser spirit guiding it throughout mystical teachings of movement and sounds. The end result of this mystical journey is to find the path and the way back to this realm of existence. And bringing back a treasure of wisdom and knowledge, and the only challenge now is the practical way to take this knowledge and wisdom to a three-dimensional existence, Govern by space and time.

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