IN/OUT Festival – Albaitil Ashwai

28 Oct 2019 - 28 Oct 2019
9:00 pm

Country: Jordan

Title: “One Way to Survive a Voyage”

Type: Dance Performance

Location: Jordan National Gallery Park

Date: 30 October 2019



New-generation experimental rock band from the Levant of Palestinian origins, based in Jordan. Albaitil Ashwai are inspired by the spiritual journey of wandering Sufi dervishes seeking inner peace and completion. They capture the tenacity of classical Arabic music within a shell of contemporary Ammani essence to personify the voice of their generation through a well-crafted and colourful blend of sonic finesse. Albaitil Ashwai formed in late 2012 by Qais Raja (Composer/Writer, guitar and vocals). The band’s current formation is Qais Raja (Vocals and Guitar), Feras Arrabi (Lead Guitar), Saif Nasser (Bass guitar), Saif Abu Hamdan (Drums), and Ibrahim Al-Najada (Synth).

In 2015 they released their first EP Ya Aleem. Albaitil Ashwai then released two singles (Nesf Al Tareeq, Al Baz Al Ash’hab) in 2016. The first debut album “Nuun” was released and distributed in April 2018 under the label mostakell. Albaitil Ashwai participated in performances to a wide range of audiences in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Beirut such as (Redbull Local Vocals, Redbull Music Motorfest, Feed Yemen Charity Concert,Palestine International Festival, El Genaina Theatre, Jesuit Cultural Centre, Cairo Jazz Club and The Art Lounge).




Albaitil Ashwai pours mystical inspirations into their lyrics and compositions and serves them with a modern sheen, as manifested in their debut album “Nuun”. Nuun is an amalgamation of Arabic sounds intertwined with a selection of contemporary western elements that are a perfect reflection of the evolved identity of today’s Ammani youth. Sufi inspired lyrics weave through often dark haunting melodies, countered with psychedelic rock guitar riffs and stabs of reggae, all smoothly blended into well-rounded compositions and instrumental arrangements. Albaitil Ashwai delivers a pristine sound, ladled with questions and thoughts that go through the mind of a wandering human who reached enlightenment. And through Nuun, they take you on a fluid journey, ebbing and flowing between contrasting energetic tracks and soothing, transcending ones decorated with Arabic rhythms. Albaital Ashawi collect, preserve, and render the tenacity in classical Arabic music, maintaining its thematic image with a contemporary Ammani feel that transcribes the voice of this generation.

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