IN/OUT Festival – Anastasija Delidova

22 Oct 2019 - 28 Oct 2019
7:00 pm

Country: Germany

Title: “What if walls could speak?”

Type: Projection

Location:  Empty land in Abdali & The Jordan National Gallery Park

Date: 22, 28 October 2019


Anastasija is a German-based, multimedia conceptual artist who does audio reactive 2d-3d site specific video installations, such as map projections altering cathedrals and in-between real/virtual bodies in distorted environments, also costumes and set design. In 2015 she got a bachelor degree in media studies and English philology at the Ruhr-University and a master degree in 2019 at the Folkwang University of Arts in trans disciplinary design. She collaborates with musicians, dancers, stage directors and other artists, participating in group exhibitions, festivals, performances and concerts.


Work Statement:


Certain abstract gestures move, at times irregularly and at others synchronized. Patterns disappear and reappear. Time does not matter here. Individual blocks move along the walls like a moving mosaic. Upon closer inspection, certain details of the room become recognizable in the photographs. The boundaries of space are further dissolved by means of sound. Using on site recordings, the acoustic criteria for space are simulated and transformed into surreal soundscapes during the course of the piece.

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