IN/OUT Festival – Areej Huniti & Eliza Goldox

29 Oct 2019 - 30 Oct 2019
7:00 pm

Country: Jordan & Germany

Title: “Voices from the Interior”

Type: Virtual Reality Public Intervention

Location: Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts Park

Date: 29, 30 October 2019


Areej al Huniti’s interest lies in exploring the interrelation between individuals and technologies within cultural, societal and political context. During her studies she looked beyond the surface and the social constructs of the body and attempted to challenge the assumptions that suggest that digital technologies are purely instrumental. She looked at how artists utilize technologies to challenge the colonization of the body’s interior by the medical gaze. Areej’s current work explores the magic and seduction of reality. By weaving real elements with fiction she wishes to complexify reality, collapse geographies while imagining a different future.

Eliza is an artist and project initiator. Her solo and collaborative projects use digital, audio and visual imaginations and observations to explore ideas around psycho politics, post-digital identity and micro and macro collective dynamics. Her practice includes a variety of media with the focus on moving image and new media tools. Her special interest on the body of the collective and its relation to socio politics is carried out with her art initiative ZONA DYNAMIC, found in 2012. The project is experimenting with temporary collaborative working formats. it received recognition locally and abroad.


Work Statement:


VOICES FROM THE INTERIOR is a mixed reality intervention with VR glasses and is a continuation of REIMAGINING LUNA: a social virtual project that attempts to deconstruct King Abdullah Gardens, an abandoned entertainment and amusement theme park in Amman based on interviews and imaginations by people in Amman on a possible future of the site.

For IN/OUT – Public Art festival the artists will use the park in front of the gallery as their main ground. The concrete structure of the park will appear in the 360° video as a bridge or a plateau that floats on water. It will represent the back of a fish named Bahamut, which is described in Arabic cosmography as the fish that carries the world on her back. We imagine the forgotten and buried river of Amman reappear in the site and flow from the past to the future. Bahamut represents femininity and worldliness and connects the female voices, who will be interviewed about their future and that of the city.

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