IN/OUT Festival – Deema Shahin

18 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019
7:30 pm

Country: Jordan

Title: “PubliCast Me”

Type: Video Projection

Location: El Matal – Jabal Al Weibdeh

Date: 18, 23, 25 October 2019


Deema Shahin is a Jordanian-Palestinian artist; she obtained her MA in filmmaking specializing in cinematography/lighting from Goldsmiths-University of London in 2014. Her work focuses on stories of the everyday, in Jordan and beyond; to hear them, write them and visually tell them. In the beginning of her career in Jordan, Deema played different roles in the departments of film in directing, producing and editing since 2004. Deema has also carried out training workshops on filmmaking for children in Gaza refugee camp and Southern Jordan Valley in Jordan, for journalists and bloggers in Egypt and for interested youth to learn producing audio-visual public service announcements in the world youth forum held in Quebec in 2008.

She has been exploring her idea of ‘Home is Where Mom is’; of mothers’ dreams with photography, film and text since 2015. This idea travelled to 4 different places so far. Her interest in dreams is taking many shapes and in 2018 she was able to give life to her idea “1001 Dreams” which was exhibited in Gozo General Hospital.

Deema was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and besides disease-modifying therapies, suppressants, diet, exercise and alternative medicine; she continues to find ways to exist and live well, to the best of her knowledge.


Work Statement:


Love before ache, for oneself, the other, the system, maybe

To those whose oneself attacks them

The rooted and the uprooted alike, whole, broken, invalids

Auto-immune diseases are present in the Jordanian reality; PubliCast Me is an attempt to start a conversation against inexperience, indifference, shame or guilt.

Faces, realities and lives of people of different backgrounds that have a common wound, an autoimmune disease. In PubliCast Me, elements of these characters’ environments, objects, habits and what they choose to show to express what they want to say as noise and distractions of life in the city swallow the sound or force isolated confinement. Moving image is interrupted by architecture and circumstance; blackened windows eating up part of the shoulder: Cast Me; the stereotype enveloping the sickened.

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