IN/OUT Festival – Laila El Taweel

16 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019
5:00-7:00 pm

Country: Jordan

Title: “You Can’t Have Both”

Type: Photography

Location: Sharea College Street, beside Rumi

Date: 19 October 2019


Laila is an artist, she studied at the University of Jordan. In her first year of visual art at the faculty of art and design, a lot of new genres of art were introduced to her. After that, she took Multimedia for her future three years of study. Currently, she decided to focus more on her personal studies and personal self-growth. She is giving a chance to try different media of art and design. Yet she’s still trying to find a way to visually communicate through what she loves most, art.



If we have to choose between black and white (as an example), and we say we want both, we’ll end up having an option we didn’t expect, in our example grey, with none of the things we wanted. As a human being, we have that hunger that never gets satisfied. If we aren’t able to choose and have the fear of losing one thing only? and afraid of making mistakes, we end up losing everything and feel guilty. This is how I reached to express what happened to me if you have two things and you chose both of them at the same time and/or place, you will get hurt by yourself and you will probably lose them both.


“My message is to give a push to others to take a step and make their decisions”.

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