IN/OUT Festival – Mau Monleón Pradas

16 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019
5:00-7:00 pm

Country: Spain

Title: “#WomenWorldRights”

Type: Posters

Location: Dirar bin Al Azwar School wall

Date: 18 October 2019


Mau was born in Valencia in 1965. Artist and feminist Curator, Phd in Sculpture, and Full Professor in Fine Arts, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia. Studies at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, Germany. Bachelor of Fine Arts, UPV.

She has given several workshops and conferences, as well as organized conferences and seminars. She has published several texts, books and contributes in specialized magazines. She has exhibited and disseminated her work in numerous museums, galleries and public spaces.

Her training is conceptual and her projects are transmedia, mostly using tools such as photography, text, video, and video installation, as well as sculpture. Her main research topics include social, environmental and gender issues (role, women, migration, gender violence, work and equality). Her work as a feminist artist and curator highlights a social function, putting art at the service of citizens through public art projects and social activism.

She has obtained several international awards and has been awarded a scholarship by different institutions working as an artist in residence in Germany,Brazil, Denmark among others. Her work belongs to prestigious collections, having exhibited in many museums and galleries around the world.



The Public Art intervention entitled #WomenWorldRights, is motivated by the situation of improvement of women in recent years in the world.

The project discusses the situation of women in the fight for equality. A simple question is set up: What would you change about the situation of women? Anyone can participate, especially women and men living in Amman, Jordan, contributing with their experiences to the project.

The project takes the form of an Awareness Campaign for Women’s Rights, within public art and social activism. This campaign is carried out through the realization of 2 fundamental Acts. The first Act is the intervention through big posters in the public space -especially on the walls of the school Dirar ben al Azwar, in Ahmad Shawqi Street, Jabal Al-Weibdeh district, but also in the public sphere through the social network Instagram. The second Act is a workshop in the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. These Acts are fostered from the relational, participatory and collaborative public art that is framed within the so-called community art. Citizen participation will be channeled into both: public spaces, and internet networks through Instagram hashtag: #WomenWorldRights [@womenworldrights].

#WomenWorldRights re-evaluates the public space as a place of intervention remembering the history of Jordan in relation to the vindications of women, specifically throughout a photography of the public protests that took place in Amman in 1968. The debate on the rights of women in the world is put into question through didactics that bringing art closer to the citizenship.

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