IN/OUT Festival – Miramar Al Nayyar & Anas Al Horani

25 Oct 2019 - 29 Oct 2019
5:00-7:00 pm

Country: Jordan

Title: Here/There

Type: Graffiti

Location: Princess Alia School Wall

Date: 25 – 29 October 2019


Miramar Al Nayyar

Miramar is a 22 year old Iraqi self-taught visual artist based in Amman, having been born into an artistic family, she was surrounded by art since childhood, she has participated in multiple personal and collective exhibitions and painted several murals locally and internationally.


Anas Al Horani

Anas Al Horani is a young Syrian writer, editor and translator, currently based in Amman. Born in Lattakia in 1992, Al Horani published a number of articles and short stories in several magazines and online publications, including 7iber, Al Jumhuriya, and The New Arab.



“Here/There” is a representation of the internal monologue the individual has in a public space. Public spaces are where the inner and outer interact, and the contradiction is temporarily resolved. Walking in a public space slowly, and without a purpose – or flâneuring through it – expands the inner landscape of the individual and exposes it to the elements. “Here/There” uses both the written word and visual material to represent this resulting fusion, and in doing so places the delicate expressionist portraiture of Miramar Al Nayyar in direct contrast with the circular, stream-of-consciousness prose of Anas Al Horani.

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