IN/OUT Festival – Miserable Noise Club

21 Oct 2019 - 28 Oct 2019
8:00 pm

Country: Jordan

Type: Music Performance

Location: The Jordan National Gallery and its Park

Date: 21, 28 October 2019

About is an international experimental musical collective based in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. / Guangzhou, China / Amman, Jordan. Featuring members of Artificial Ghost, Lèng, If Signifying, CAssette and others.  Abood Ashqar and Shaher Majali will be performing a set of deconstructed tracks from’s releases Frost Confinement, Given To Heartache, Your Sky Is Corrupt and Dust Coated Departure. Accompanied by visual projections.


“It’s an experimental swirl of space synths and post rock dub drone. There’s a wacked out dub feel to all of this as if on a hefty comedown. If only all post rock could be like this.”

-Acid Ted Blog

“For those of you interested in electronic, experimental, ambient, and sound sculpture music, I encourage you to give a listen.”

-Composer’s Toolbox


Abood Ashqar

Abood Ashqar is a musician and visual artist noted for his involvement in international projects with a wide array of styles, including Post Metal, Shoegaze, Ambient, Noise, Avant-garde, Electronic and Experimental music. He’s one of the founding members of Artificial Ghost, Departure Archives, and the experimental musical collective Other collaborations include Folk artist and illustrator Mamiko Ikeda (JAPAN), Antimatter (UK), Desperar (JORDAN), and Soulhavens (CHINA).


Shaher Majali

Shaher Majali is a musician and humanitarian who performs music for the sake of self-exploration while documenting moments and experiences with sound. He’s one of the founding members of Desperar, a member of and part of a wide range of collectives in the art-rock, blues, ambient, psychedelic, progressive and alternative rock scenes.



Our music have been featured and performed across continents all the way from New York, to Guangzhou and Beirut. As an experimental group, we value creating new soundscapes and atmospheres, but not necessarily for the sake of experimentation. We improvise during our performances, and certain tracks sound different live than the original recordings. Throughout our discography you’ll hear Noise-rock, Post-metal, Ambient, Drone, Dub and even Techno. As random as it seems, everything is structured and presented with a calculated and predetermined audible purpose. It’s just music.

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