IN/OUT Festival – NiliN

26 Oct 2019 - 26 Oct 2019

Country: Egypt

Title: One could also be multiple at once

Type: Film performance

Location: Empty Land in Al Abdali

Date: 26 October 2019


Nil and Lin, together NiliN or niliu, are two viruses, errors, qubits shaped/stuck in human bodies/forms. They perform the role of a scientist who takes an event apart in order to analyze/understand it and make a reconstruct out of it, without necessarily any effort in bringing anything new to the table. They feed on waves, light and sound, and play with them to make music in their free time.



The film performance will consist of a live conversation channeled through multi-projections in one space: one super 8mm (or 16mm) and two digital projections, where the three perform separate characters with different languages. «One could also be multiple at once» presents footage from three cities, landscapes and aspects of the everyday in each city, while focusing on what does it mean to be physically present somewhere, and what happens if one could have temporal existences in different places at once? – When does a place become familiar, and -like plants- do we need earth to grow?

Through playing with visual and sound aspects that affect human-perception, and by putting the audience in an active role of taking part in the film with the way they build a narrative, the experience of those who are witnessing the event /physically/ should be staged in which this film performance cannot be experienced behind a screen, each of the audiences could see different aspects of the conversation based on their position to the characters/projections.

Filmed between Amman, Alexandria and Cairo, the layers of the visual aspects of these cities will sometimes overlay, one image or a sound could become more or less dominant than the other, the sound of the narrator(s) alongside sounds from the landscapes would shape the way we see what our eyes are seeing.

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