IN/OUT Festival – Octave

29 Oct 2019 - 29 Oct 2019
8:00 pm

Country: Jordan

Type: Music Performance

Location: Jordan National Gallery Park

Date: 29 October 2019


A local independent group from Jordan/Irbid City that was established in 2017 by 6 independent musicians with different eastern and western musical instruments, including traditional and folk instruments. The band is characterized by the revival of the heritage of music and culture by integrating popular folk songs with music and distribution of modern music with the preservation of speech and melody and not to prejudice them.


The band uses folk instruments, such as Mijwiz, Yarghul, Ney and Bagpipes, which produces a new harmony between and modern electric musical instruments, resulted in new music called the popular rock/heritage music.


The band is known as the first band in the region characterized by this color of art and aspire to spread it to the entire world. They began to achieve the first goal to have an independent recording studio in Irbid with a personal support and without any funding from any recollection or any artistic or cultural association.


Band Members:

Ahmad Selawi

Moayad Tahtamouni

Nael Selawi

Abd Mardini

Sami Ahmad

Amjad Mestarihy

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