IN/OUT Festival – Sondos Mahdy

16 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019
6:00 pm

Country: Egypt

Title: “Orphaned Images”

Type: Installation

Location: Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts Park

Date: 16 October 2019


Sondos Mahdy is a London-based sculptor, she was born in 1996 in Britain. Sondos had First Class Honors in a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture, at the Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London) she participated in several group exhibitions in London.



Her work explores the aesthetics of pixelated images of violence that are circulated on the internet and TV. In order to explore a rarely explored phenomena, its center being marginalized with violent surroundings. The phenomena of fragmented pixels forever buried in the past and the everyday. This is explored through Sculpture, installation and digital painting.

“We are surrounded with pixelated low-quality images of violence that circulate on our newspapers, TV channels, and online platforms. What interests us is what is hidden in these images they suppress all other dimensions including space, sound, depth and even time. Thus, these images blur the line between fiction and reality. These images reveal an underworld that we are constantly avoiding yet they are an ever-present part of our daily lives. For all the imprisoned and disappeared, these images act as visual testimonies that legitimize their witness-hood as they verify the existence of these brutal realities of the marginalized”.

“It feels as though these moments are happening on a different time-line simultaneous to our lives. We have become desensitized to these images yet when we are forced to confront them, their reality edges closer to ours. It becomes clear that beneath this avoidance, we are troubled by the familiarity and proximity of these images. But in some sense this aesthetic and the conditions of these images are truthful to the distortion of our harsh reality. We see an affinity with these images, as their visual conditions eco our daily life. We begin to recognize object, places, materials or even body language as something that we are familiar with”.

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