IN/OUT Festival – Tito Senna

16 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019
5:00-7:00 pm

Country: Brazil

Title: “Empty Land”

Type: Installation

Location: El Matal

Date: 18 October 2019


Reema is a visual arts student.

Tito lives in Portugal and has a master’s degree in Arts and Design in the Public Space – MADEP, at the University of Porto. The root of his work comes from his urban experience with graffiti and his reflection on urban space. His work stands out for moving in various areas of visual communication, such as design, urban art and contemporary art. His work proposal breaks the boundaries of the wall and explores public space in an intriguing and thoughtful way. Tito uses art as means to open new spaces.



The “Empty land” work leads us to reflect on the issue of value in the public space. What makes an existing space called empty space? What makes a place busy? How much history is there in an unoccupied place? The squares and public spaces are usually built to assess the historical events related to the place occupied. When a space is considered ’empty’, it does not meet some value requirements. The intervention of Tito Senna seeks to draw our attention to the unbuilt space, without value, but it exists! – And deserves to be contemplated and gain meaning. The work of “Empty Land” seeks to fill the void, create a neutral milestone that claims the existence of the place. Give the viewer the opportunity to create an identification with the environment in which he walks. The flag is the symbol of a territory, symbolically summarizes a place and generates identity. The artist appropriates this resource, producing a colorless flag and shape that propose the construction of a local history. With this, the work is filled with meaning by the spectators in the construction of affection with the place. The flag is not full of colors, but of meanings generated by the viewer’s reflection on space.

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