IN/OUT Festival

16 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019

IN/OUT Jordan Public Art Festival

In Jabal Al Weibdeh and Al-Abdali District


IN/OUT Jordan Public Art Festival 

“An art, by and for the people, in the common space that is the street.” 

IN/OUT, International public art festival is an initiative from FACTORY for cultural mediation to establish new ways of thinking about the relationship between art, society, public, museums and institutions. This year’s festival includes 33 art projects selected from more than 100 participating projects from Jordan and abroad. All projects are selected by an international scientific committee through an open call from FACTORY by the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. The program is implemented with workshops and talks always in search of mediation for the democratization of culture.
All projects come from different backgrounds of art, performance, music, contemporary dance, video art, projections, photography, sculpture, installations and graffiti, all going around social, economic and environmental topics that touch the local community, to be implemented in public areas in Jabal Al Weibdeh and Abdali district to be available to the public throughout the festival period.

In the infinity of small contacts that occur in the street, on the sidewalk, in the pharmacy, in the kiosk, each banal in itself, a sensitivity arises altogether for the “public” character of individuals, a social network of respect and trust. -Jane Jacobs

Due to our believe that a creative society builds bridges and not walls, we seek through the inclusion of workshops and talks, to bring a heterogeneous audience to share, experience and participate in IN/OUT. We are committed to a democratic public art, from and for citizens, in a specific social and spatial environment, in search of dialogue.


Participating Artists:

Asem Al Khojah, Alaeddin Pasha, Anas Al Horani, Ahmad Salameh, Amr El Maghraby, Albaitil Ashwai, Areej Huniti, Ayloul, Anastasija Delidova, Blues O’ Bantaloon, Deema Shahin, Drum Jam, doublelucky productions, Eliza Goldox, Elena Monleon (Mau), Jafar Aljabi, Juman Nimri, Juan Pablo (MawaTres), Laila Al Taweel, Lina Salah, Miramar Moh’d,, Mike V.Derderian, Mounir Saeed, NiliN, Naif El Zaben, Octave, Paul Wiersbinski, Ryuji Yamaguchi, Reema Shatat, Rania Atef,
Studio 8,Shams Team, Sondos MahdyTito Senna, Yasmeen Sabri, Ziad Hajir Jr.

We’d like to thank our sponsors: 

امانة عمان الكبرى Greater Amman Municipality, Shoman Foundation مؤسسة عبد الحميد شومان, EUNIC Jordan, Embajada de España en Amán / السفارة الأسبانية في عمان, Cairo Amman Bank, Markazia – Toyota Jordan المركزية – تويوتا الأردن, AbuShakra Trading Company, Live Audio Works, SAE Institute – Amman, مكتبة سمير وغسان Samir & Ghassan Stationery Shop, National Paints, Al Jawareh, MH University,

Venue Sponsors:

Boulevard Abdali, Manara Arts & Culture

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