“International Sculpture Symposium” 2014

08 Jun 2014 - 22 Jun 2014

Cypress Memory

2014 6th International Sculpture Symposium


The forum was organized under the title “Cypress Memory”, organized by the Jordanian National Museum of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan and supported by the Greater Amman Municipality on the campus of the University of Jordan with wide international participation of artists from France, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Bahrain, Palestine, Iraq.

This forum came to allocate the wood material only to the artists participating in the work, which was available in time with a lot of cypress trees and pine after the snowstorm that hit the Kingdom that year. And resulted in the break of a lot of trees within the campus of the University of Jordan.


Participating Artists:

Abdel-Hay Al-Daydai – Morocco

Ahed Younes – Jordan

Ahmed Kanaan – Palestine

Anna Hill – Germany

Ayoub Al Balushi – Sultanate of Oman

Faisal Al-Omari – Jordan

Fouad Khasawneh – Jordan

Francesca Marati – Spain

Ghassan Mafdala – Jordan

Hala Abu Bakr – Jordan

Hala Al-Twal – Jordan

Hussam Wahba – Jordan

Idris Al Jarrah – Jordan

Jan Nikolai Niels – Germany

Kuram Al-Nimri – Jordan

Khairy Herzallah – Jordan

Lojain Nahhas – Jordan

Omar Al-Najjar – Jordan

Samia Zaru – Jordan

Shinyar Abdullah – Iraq

Jamal Juqqa – Jordan

Yazan Salman – Jordan


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Cypress Memory

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