IN/OUT Festival – Juman Nimri

20 Oct 2019 - 20 Oct 2019
5:00-7:30 pm

Country: Jordan

Title: “House of Houses”

Type: Installation

Location: The Boulevard

Date: 20 October 2019


Born in Jordan, Juman received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Yarmouk University in Jordan.

She held six personal exhibitions and attended many artistic residences in different countries, she has participated in many group exhibitions inside and outside Jordan, and several symposiums and workshops.

Juman’s works are exhibited in different International institutions, galleries and museums, like the Museum of National Literature – Bucharest, Romania, the Jordanian National Museum of Fine Arts, ,and the Gilad Museum of Culture and Arts, Jordan, the National Museum of Art Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Recently “The Museum of Contemporary Art” in Yinchuan – China acquired and exhibited a collection of her works.

She won the International Creativity Award from “La Rectoria Center” in Barcelona, Spain in 2009, and has won the third prize in the second photography contest of the “Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts” in 2002.

Nimri lives and works in Amman where she established “Beit Al Weibdeh Studio” and gives art courses for kids in addition to organizing annual group exhibitions for the students since 2008 until now.




This tent comprises of fabric pieces connected together with simple stitches conveying the unity of pain and worry, each piece was part of the clothing worn by men, women and children that once lived in freedom and peace. Each piece symbolizes a displaced human forced out of his/her land and home; it mirrors the past and the future, the scent of childhood, angelic dreams, and memories of a house where safety and stability prevailed. This was all robbed, an entire life was robbed.

This tent narrates the story of expulsion and scattering suffered by Arab people, whom in turn still build refugee camps and suffer injustices, homelessness and insult. The story started with the forced expulsion of the Palestinian people out of their homes and ancestral land, telling of a lived oppression and sorrow. Till this day the cycle continues from one displacement to another and from one camp to the other. These camps turned into cities and the humans living there are merely numbers in a counter.

In this work, I do not intend to represent the political climate we live under since politics and conflict are both a mysterious and harsh game that I cannot explain or comprehend. What I intend to express is the bare human life: the sufferer and the afflicted. I want to draw attention to the old/new phenomenon of banishment that families suffer from, turning them into groups of people with no choice but to be doomed to these horrible circumstances. I want to dream with them of a land and a home filled with joy, peace and tranquility.

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