Online Talk: Discussion of the Project “Separate Togetherness”

31 Jul 2021 - 31 Jul 2021
7:00 PM

Remote Closeness is organized by a team of interdisciplinary cultural actors from Jordan. It is realized as part of Factory’s Public Art Program by the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, the Goethe-Institut in Jordan and the Institut Français de Jordanie and funded by the Franco-German Cultural Fund.


The artists will talk about the development of the project in a time when they weren’t yet tired of video calls, but remoteness and the faring of relationships in the digital age already shaped their everyday lives. In times of social distancing, the topics that informed Separate Togetherness have increased in relevance – come by and participate in the conversation on what it needs to feel close even though when being apart.
About Separate Togetherness:
Separate Togetherness is a virtual cafe, two places connected via screens, letting two people share a conversation, but also giving them the possibility to interact on a more physical layer: turning on the other’s light, sending a signal, giving a kiss on the cheek. A playful exploration of the challenges we face as immensely social, multi-sensual beings in an ever more digital world and a current global crisis, in which technology plays an essential role in connecting us, but often also pushes us apart.

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