Online Talk: Humanity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.

15 Nov 2021 - 15 Nov 2021
7:00 PM

This Subtheme of the Readr and discussion program: “Shaping our Future Communities” is curated by The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.


Join us in next meetup of “Hiwar Art Club” for the final subtheme of the program “Shaping our Future Communities” titled: “Humanity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence”. We will be hosting artist and writer in the field of critical theory Batool El Hennawy from Egypt, along with Dr. Saed Khawaldeh consultant and researcher in Artificial Intelligence & Digital Health – University of Oxford (UK).
Art, artificial intelligence, and philosophy intersect in that they are fields for speculating the future of the human condition. Through open discussions, specialized readings, and presentation of relevant artistic examples, our topic will address the future of humanity in the age of artificial intelligence, where our guest, Dr. Saed Khawaldeh will speak to us about artificial intelligence by reviewing its current applications and areas of use, its future developments, as well as its current and future impacts on our lives.
For her part, our guest, Batool El Hennawy, will shed light on key philosophical questions about forms of work, living and culture within the capitalist world in the era of advancing artificial intelligence. We will explore the role that automation and artificial intelligence play in creating a “post-work” society, while asking whether this will be beneficial or harmful for the human race.
The sessions will be in Arabic & English with a simultaneous translation for both languages.
“Shaping our Future Communities” is organized by the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, EUNIC, Società Dante Alighieri-Amman, Goethe-Institut Jordan and the Institut Français de Jordanie. This project is part of the Europe Readr – Living for the Future initiative.

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