Online Talk: Through Exhibition “Black Swan”

21 Nov 2020 - 21 Nov 2020
7:00 PM

With exhibiting artists: Ahmad Salameh, Asia Alsheshani, and Anas Nahleh


Online Talk


The talk will be in Arabic.
Join us in the next meetup of “Hiwar Art Club” for an online talk with artists Ahmad Salameh, Asia Alsheshani, and Anas Nahleh whose works are currently on view in the “BLACK SWAN: Unpredictable Future” exhibition at The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, as part of the “Open Media Art Festival – 4th edition (OMAF) 2020”. Each of our guest artists will speak to us about their featured artworks, followed by an open discussion with the audience.
OMAF exhibition in Jordan features nine artworks; five artists from Jordan (Asia Alsheshani, Tawfiq Dawi, Walid al Wawi, Ahmad Salameh, Studio 😎, three from Korea (Kira Kim, Jaewook Lee, Jungho Oak) and one from Singapore (Urich Lau). Simultaneously, OMAF in Seoul features thirty-four international artists’ works from ten countries at the Oil Tank Cultural Park. The works are selected by the directors and the curators from Korea, Singapore, and Jordan. The artist’s works vary from video installations, VR, AI, Robot, interactive art, sound installation, audio/visual performance, animation, and other media.
“Black Swan: Unpredictable Future“ festival, focuses on the extreme impact of rare and unpredictable events and the human tendency to find explanations for these events. It also stresses the possibility of overturning all the values we protect and believe today because of the emergence of situations that we believed were impossible or nonexistent. Through the artists’ works of our time, the Open Media Art Festival 2020 began with a few questions that imagine the “unpredictable future” and ask what it means or how it will affect our lives. From these questions, we are asking how artists explore and examine the future such as Black Swan in our time and Black Swan in the near future will be introduced and presented which will deliver various perceptions and attitudes of the artists toward the future.
Artists’ works are presented on the Open Media Art Festival’s online platform (, so that the international audience can experience the festival. This is due to the challenges and limitations resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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