Online Talk:“Reforestation: a major challenge for breathing in the world of tomorrow”

27 Oct 2021 - 27 Oct 2021
7:00 PM
Second Meetup – A talk by activist Rabee’ Zureikat Founder of Zikra Intiative


Join us in the second meetup of “Hiwar Art Club” within the subtheme of this month for a talk by activist Rabee’ Zureikat founder of Zikra Intiative, which conducts research and other interventions in the aim of promoting the prosperity of rural and popular communities while learning from their local knowledge and experience in order to evoke sustainable solutions for many of the economic and social challenges facing us today. Zikra aspires to present an alternative learning model that seeks to create societies that are independent, productive and self-determining over their land and its resources.
The sessions will be in Arabic & English with a simultaneous translation for both languages.
Through specialized readings and relevant artistic examples, our subtheme for this month will demonstrate how art and environment can work together to fight desertification and deforestation for breathing in the world of tomorrow. This subtheme is curated by the French Institute of Jordan.

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