Remote Closeness: Opening Exhibition

28 Jul 2021 - 18 Aug 2021
10:00 AM
This hybrid cultural event fosters new narratives of social bonding during a time in which the boundaries of our screens and the outside world have become blurred.


The event will take place between July 28 – August 2 and will consist of an online exhibition, a public program including talks and workshops, an exhibition at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, as well as art trails through different neighborhoods of selected Jordanian cities, where QR codes link to the artworks exhibited within the event.
Physical Exhibition:
A physical interdisciplinary exhibition will be taking place at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts (JNGFA) between July 28th – August 18th. The exhibition will showcase physical versions of the 17 projects taking part in Remote Closeness.
Location: JNGFA, Building 1 – 3rd Floor
Dates: July 28th – August 18th
Opening hours:
July 28 – August 2 | 17:00 – 21:00 (Friday closed)
August 3 – August 18 | Saturday – Sunday, 9:00 – 16:00 (Friday closed)
Art Trails:
Part of the Remote Closeness exhibition will be happening on the streets of Jordan. Posters, placed in different parts of selected Jordanian cities, contain QR codes through which the public can connect with the artworks.
Art Trails can be found in: Amman, Irbid, Umm Qais, Madaba, Petra, Zarqa, Al Salt and Aqaba.
Public Program:
The first week of Remote Closeness features a number of live events happening online and offline that complement the physical exhibition happening at the JNGFA:
Participating Artists:
Remote Closeness features more than 20 artists from 11 countries presenting 17 different projects referring to ‘connectivity’ as a theme through various formats.
The projects are made by artists: Alya Ola Abbas (Syria), Amjad Al-Mestarihy & Ariane Königshof (Jordan & Germany), Dalal Mitwally (Jordan), Doha Aboelezz (Egypt), Engy Mohsen (Egypt), Fatima Butt (Pakistan), Karina Rbeihat (Jordan), Kateryna Bortsova (Ukraine), Layla Zubi (USA), Liam Sibai (Lebanon), Manar Ali Hassan Galvani (Lebanon), Misanthrope Collective (Germany), Mona Gazala (USA), Najla Abdellatif & Tala Ayoub (Sweden, Canada & Jordan), Rania Atef (Egypt), Vishal Kumaraswamy (India), Yassen Shikh Alsagha (Syria).

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