Remote Closeness: “The Sharing Sessions Registration”

18 Jul 2021 - 27 Jul 2021
6:00 PM

An open call for those interested to participate in the “Remote Closeness” Sharing Sessions.


As part of its public program, Remote Closeness invites you to attend the Sharing Session, a series of workshops presented by individuals from various disciplines.
The sessions will take place on Zoom, for one hour, on August 2nd at 6:00 pm.
Sessions topics are:
101 Podcast
Art conquers anxiety
Creative Music
Designing Vintage Film Posters
Drawing as a form of Therapy
Inclusive education: recording audiobooks ?
Ink Wash
the Online Classroom
Paper collage
Personal Branding
the Science of Sourdough
Storytelling for children
Your Story
Please select your preferred Session below, and, if you wish, include your second and third choices at the end of this form.
-Spaces are limited (3 participants per session) so your registration will be accepted on a first come first served basis.
-The session will only take place if 3 participants register for it.
Deadline for registration: 27 July 2021

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