Secret Journey – Sadeem

06 Jun 2022 - 06 Jun 2022
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


“Secret Journey — Sadeem” is directed by internationally acclaimed artist Yoshiko Chuma, and co-directed by Jordan-based Ryuji Yamaguchi. Presented as part of Amman Contemporary Dance Festival, the production is a multi-media choreographed chaos that displays the hopes and despair that our world faces today, and features 25 of Amman’s professional dance and music artists.
Sadeem, means haze or mist in Arabic, and the title highlights the multi-layered and the tangible but ephemeral nature of personal stories. The production features a diverse array of musicians and dancers from various socioeconomic classes, and from genres such as breakdancing, contemporary dance, dabke.
Tickets are 8JDs, or 5JDs with a valid student ID.
Yoshiko Chuma (Japan/USA) is one of the most unique artists in New York City. A pillar in the post-modern dance scene since 1980s, her company The School of Hard Knocks have created thought-provoking performances in over 40 countries that is neither dance nor theater nor film nor any other predetermined category. Since 2007, The School of Hard Knocks and Midan: Amman Dance Lab have collaborated on 8 major performances in Jordan and Palestine.
“Secret Journey — Sadeem”, which is presented under Amman Contemporary Dance Festival, is also part of the ongoing project: Sadeem.
Sadeem is co-organized and produced by “Midan: Amman Dance Lab” and Factory’s Jordan Art Residency & Studios Program (JARS) – The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, in collaboration with “Underground Amman”.

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