Webinar: “Museums and galleries in the face of global changes and challenges”

07 Nov 2020 - 07 Nov 2020
7:00 PM

Guest Speakers (Cultural Directors):

Dr. Adila Hanieh, Ms. Shireen Atassi, and Ms. Suha Lailas




The talk will be in Arabic.
We are pleased to invite you to join our coming webinar by “Hiwar Art Club” in which we are delighted to welcome our guest speakers, cultural directors: Dr. Adila Hanieh, Director of the Palestinian Museum, Ms. Shireen Atassi, Director of the Atassi Foundation for Arts and Culture in Dubai, and Ms. Suha Lallas, founder of Wadi Finan Gallery in Amman, in addition to the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts which will partake as moderator and speaker in the discussion.
In light of the pandemic we are currently living, which we have seen affect all aspects of life, and impact many professional sectors, including that of the museums and art galleries, it has become necessary to discuss and study the current state of this sector, regionally and globally, and to map its future; whether with regard to the possibility of the continuation of the Corona crisis – without the presence of a vaccine – or the occurrence of global political, social, economic changes and crises that might bring similar effects on our lives. This brings to the fore the significance and importance of mutual work among all constituents of this sector. It also raises the demand to address public and private challenges on the part of each institution, and invest in finding progressive strategies, collectively, that can help museums and galleries sustain their mission in a world in flux.
We will hear from each of our guests speakers more about the current situation of their institutions, amidst all the changes and challenges that we are living today, in addition to the vision they hold for the future as well as the proactive strategies and policies that they intend to apply in order to adapt to the rapid sociocultural realities of the 21st century.

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